5 Reasons to buy a good orbit sander

If you are adding to your collection of woodworking tools, you are probably looking at things like saws and drills and tabletop sanders, but you may not have given thought to some really great finishing tools.  Random orbit sanders are often overlooked by beginning woodworkers because they represent one of the most tedious parts of woodworking: finish work. Additionally, many woodworkers feel that a palm sander alone will get the job done, but a random orbit sander can actually cut your project time down significantly.

1: Ease of use

Simply put, orbit sanders are easy to use. They are smaller than your tabletop sanders and thus are easier to control and work to your specifications. Plus their smaller size allows them to work on a variety of surfaces and shapes without being clunky and imprecise. These sanders are generally pretty foolproof; you buy special sandpaper that fits to your size sander and away you go. You don't have to size up your paper or worry about locking it into place; the attachments are specifically designed to make it easy-peezy.

2: Makes a better finish

The prime advantage of orbit sanders is that they make a smoother, better finish for your project. A 5" random orbit sander is a small enough size to work on the details of your project, with the mechanics that help prevent swirl marks and scars from clumsy sanding. Essentially, your 5" disc of sandpaper moves in both a circular and back-and forth motion (or orbit) to give you the smoothest finish possible. Think of it like cleaning a mirror; giant strokes leave streaks, while smaller, circular strokes make your mirror crystal clear.

3: Cleaner work space

The best orbit sanders include a dust collection bag that takes care of your cleaning as you work. This means you will spend less time sweeping, and it ensures that you are breathing cleaner air. You should always wear a protective mask when doing woodworking, but it is comforting to know that your sander is taking care of most of the mess while you are working.

4: Versatility

The small size of an orbital sander makes it perfect for many types of projects. Since it is a hand tool, you can really work it with precision on any shape or surface. Plus, you can run it at variable speeds that can adjust for when you need to do quick, heavy-duty work or fine, delicate work at a slower pace.

5: Saves space

Table tools are great tools to have, but they take up a lot of space in your garage. Orbital sanders do a lot of work without hogging the spotlight. You can keep it neatly stowed away in a drawer until you need to pull it out.

Woodworking and carpentry skills are great skills to have if you own a home or need a fun hobby. Whether you are looking at sanders to help you finish baseboards or a rocking horse for your nephew, Sears can help you find exactly what you need.


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