5 reasons to buy an oscillating multi-tool

You might think that a garage full of tools will be the best thing for your in-home maintenance projects, and it very well may be the right thing for you. However, many a home handyman has discovered the wonders of oscillating multi-tools. These tools combine the wonders of many stand-alone power tools into one portable package that can work in some of the most difficult spaces.

This is perhaps one of the most satisfying uses for an oscillating tool. Whether you are trying to remove old stickers, tape residue or mystery goo, this tool can scrape it all off. With an oscillating tool, you can remove just about any kind of sticky icky adhesive from any kind of surface, without damaging the underlying surface. The tool is able to sit flush with the surroundings and work as quickly or as slowly as you need to safely remove that gunk.

Break out grout

It can be a real pain to use a bulky power tool when you need something delicate enough to reach in all those little tiny grout grooves. The biggest concern might be that you will break tile or not get enough out. An oscillating tool is small enough that you can see what you are doing as you work in those small spaces. Additionally, an oscillating tool is much smaller and easier to hold, which is great if you have a whole bathroom of re-grouting ahead of you.

Cut through anything

Yes, you can cut through many substances with a regular pocket multi-tool. Oscillating versions can do much more than whittle wood, however. Depending on the type of tool and blades you purchase, you may be able to cut through metal piping, tile, drywall and even solid bolts. Again, you don't have to lug a heavy piece of machinery to your project site in order to get the job done. An oscillating tool makes the job quick and easy, and allows you to switch to a different tool without having to move around your entire workspace.

Conquer tight spaces

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of the oscillating tool is that it is much smaller than other construction machinery. The best oscillating multi-tool is one that can function in all of those tight, impossible-to-reach spaces, and most of them can. These tools can fit into small spaces for two reasons; they are portable (read: cordless), and they have the ability to adapt to different types of spaces through various special attachments.

It's economical

Think about it; if you didn't have an oscillating tool, you would have to buy several tools separately. You would need a couple types of saws, a sander, a scraper, a small jackhammer and many more tools to equal the versatility of your multi-tool. While your multi-tool isn't the best for gargantuan projects, it really will be the workhorse of basic house projects. In fact, many professional homebuilders have switched to multi-tools in place of major equipment, because it is easier and it is cheaper.

There are several types of oscillating multi-tools on the market with different capabilities at various price points. Go online to find an oscillating multi-tool comparison chart so that you can find the tool that will fit your needs and your budget. Once you have narrowed down the choices, come to Sears to find a long-lasting oscillating tool that will fit all your project needs.

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