5 simple ways medicine balls can enhance your workout

If you are trying to lose fat and gain muscle, you have likely been spending a lot of time on the treadmill. However, cardiovascular exercise is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fitness. You need to balance aerobic exercise with a good diet, strength training, balance practice and increased flexibility. For those who are a little timid about the world of strength and core training, a medicine ball is the perfect fitness tool. It is non-threatening and easy to use, but very effective in toning and strengthening the entire body.

One of the first known uses of the medicine ball dates back to ancient times when athletes built strength by tossing and rolling stones back and forth. The medicine ball works in much the same way. You can lie on the ground and let gravity do the work, or you can partner up with someone and toss the ball back and forth. At first, you may just be trying to get the ball up into the air, but over time you will be able to apply force behind your tosses and work on control and power in each of your moves.

Core Strength

Medicine balls are popular tools for people who love ab workouts. The extra weight gives you added resistance while doing crunches. You can also add in some explosive work by catching and releasing the ball as you rise and fall from each crunch. To work the hard-to-reach oblique muscles, you can hold out the ball and rotate in a figure eight pattern.

Full-body fitness

If you want to get your whole body into the game, incorporate your medicine ball into your other exercises. For example, you can make burpees twice as hard by holding the ball throughout the repetitions. Another popular way to use the ball as a whole body fitness tool is to pass it around your body; behind your head, under a knee and behind your back.

Lower body fitness

Medicine balls can even be used to strengthen and tone your legs. Hold the ball between your legs to strengthen thigh muscles as you move through rotations. You can also strengthen your legs and core by holding the ball at your ankles and moving your legs out and back. Proper form is the key to lower body exercise; the medicine ball is a significant weight addition to your usual routine, so make sure you use proper form and always remember to warm up, cool down and incorporate lots of stretching into your fitness routine.

Medicine balls are an easy way to enhance your workout without a huge investment. Drop by Sears to try out different styles and weights of medicine balls and dumbbells so you can get started today!

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