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      Pressure washers clean and remove dirt and grime

      Unlike standard garden hoses and sprayers, pressure washers provide PSI to whisk away dirt and grime at greater velocities. Sears has an entire inventory of pressure washers from Craftsman and other popular brand names for use with commercial and residential cleanup projects. BE industrial pressure washers offer more than 4,000 PSI for removing chipped paint or dirt from the home's exterior walls. You also have the choice between wall-mount and portable gas-powered and electric pressure washers that include steam cleaning. We also have pressure washer accessories to complement your Craftsman or Stanley units.

      Along with pressure washers, limpiadoras work well for cleaning and sanding walls and car bodies at high velocities. Unlike the pressure washer, which uses water for cleaning surfaces, a sand blaster uses fine bits of material to smooth uneven surfaces or to remove paint or grime from walls. You can even use the sand blaster to remove stuck-on grime from metal parts like tools and drill bits. We also carry Craftsman and Campbell Hausfield sand blasters that use siphon-feed or compressed air to shoot the material at high speeds.

      Complement your pressure washers and sand blasters with additional herramientas de aire comprimido from Craftsman and Chicago Pneumatic. Using an air tool provides more power for tightening bolts or for grinding metal when compared to a manual hand tool. As an example, Craftsman air impact wrenches offer more than 580 foot-pounds of torque while still weighing less than five pounds. We carry air compressors and hoses that work with most Craftsman and other name-brand air tools such as Campbell Hausfield air grinders and 3M air sanders. You can also find impact sockets that withstand the force of your air impact wrenches and ratchets.

      Despite the benefit of air tools, you need an external electrical source in order to power the units. If you work on a job site that lacks electricity, then power your pressure washers and air tools with a Craftsman generador. We have DuroStar portable generators with heavy-duty wheels and six outlets that offer up to 10,000 watts of power. Choose between commercial and standby generators for use on the job site or at your home in case of blackouts. You even have access to Go Power! solar generators that provide up to 100 watts of power each, saving you money on your monthly power bill and reducing your carbon footprint.

      Clean dirt and grime from your walls and driveways with industrial-strength pressure washers and sand blasters. Invest in air tools like impact wrenches and ratchets for increased torque over your mechanical projects, and power your tools with a Craftsman portable generator. Browse the Sears online inventory for more affordable tools and accessories for your professional workshop or at-home garage.