A guide to Bosch built-in dishwashers

If you have the space in your kitchen, you probably want a built-in dishwasher. The ease and convenience of a permanent automatic dishwasher can save you time and effort. While many GE appliances offer built-in options, a high-end Bosch dishwasher built-in model is designed to run extremely quietly and last forever.

What is a built-in dishwasher?

You may not know it, but most homes are already equipped with built-in dishwashers. These dishwashers hook up to special plumbing and electric lines, and are installed straight underneath a countertop. You can tell in the store which versions are the built-in style, because most built-in models leave all the 'guts' exposed. This is because the three exposed sides of the dishwasher will be enclosed by surrounding cabinetry or walls. The most common alternative to a built-in dishwasher is the portable dishwasher. This style attaches to your sink and an electrical outlet in order to get your dishes clean. It is a great option when you have limited space in your kitchen and can?t afford to lose any cabinets. Portable washers are enclosed on all sides, since they are stand-alone appliances.


If you are looking for a quiet dishwasher designed to last a long time, then you may want a Bosch built-in dishwasher. These dishwashers are sleek and include technology to make for a more efficient and noise-free dishwashing experience. Since open-concept floor plans have become popular, it is important to have a dishwasher that doesn?t become the main attraction.

Bosch, a company that has only been in the United States for around 20 years, uses a few different tools to keep the washers running so silently. Their dishwashers heat water hotter, so that less water is needed to run a cycle. Additionally, the spray arms are directed at the dishes instead of the walls of the dishwasher. While most North American dishwashers have some kind of food particle disposal system, Bosch dishwashers use filters instead. While you will have to empty the filter from time to time, you won?t have to hear the sound of a disposal periodically throughout the wash cycle.

Bosch built-in washers come in a variety of styles to suit any family's needs. Bar handle designs are great for easy loading and unloading. Recessed handles are great for small kitchens where every inch of space counts. Additionally, recessed handles are a little harder for toddlers to accidentally open. If you have a very specific kitchen plan in mind, Bosch also offers dishwashers built to hand custom panels or cabinetry. All Bosch dishwashers are made with solid construction and multiple layers of insulation for added silence.

Built-in dishwashers can save you hours of dishwashing time, which gives you more moments for family and fun. They offer super cleaning technology and durable design that will last for years. Whether you need something quiet or just something that can efficiently do the job, Sears can help you find the right dishwasher for you.

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