A guide to wearing fragrance for men

You know the scenario; you are sharing cramped quarters (an elevator, subway car or public bus) with someone who clearly showered in Axe after spending an hour on exercise equipment. The scent is strong, and it is far too early in the day for an attack on your olfactory senses. Some days, that person is the guy who works down the hall; some days, that guy, unfortunately, is you. While a strong cologne might be considered preferable when you don't have time to shower after the gym, you need to be sure you are wearing the right fragrance at the right time. And that involves a little knowledge about the fragrance industry.

Though it is commonly assumed that colognes are the preferred men's fragrances, the title of "eau de cologne" is actually more specific than that. Fragrances are grouped according to the concentration of aromatic compounds found in each style. At the bottom of the list are compounds with the lightest concentration, such as splash and aftershave. These are followed by compounds with increasing levels of concentration, such as perfume mist, cologne, eau de toilette and finally, eau de parfum, which has the highest levels of concentration.

When to wear fragrance

Why does concentration matter?  The higher the concentration, the stronger the scent. The longer you are exposed to various scents, the more your nose adjusts to them. So, what this means is that you only need a bit of light scent in the morning, but can get away with stronger fragrance in the evening. The general rule to wearing men's fragrances (or women's, for that matter) is to wear splash or aftershave in the morning, cologne in the afternoon, and perfume in the evening.

What fragrance to wear

Many men will take time to open bottles or spritz fragrance to decide which fragrance is right for them. However, for many men, fragrance selection is usually determined by the popularity of a certain fragrance among his friends. While this does make for a quick trip to the store, it may not be the best way to pick out your fragrance. Different body chemistry and skin types can affect the way that fragrance smells on different people. While a woodsy scent smells great on your pal, it may be too strong, too light or even just smell weird on you. While most men prefer chypre, wood or fougere scents featuring fragrance from things like sandalwood and patchouli, you should explore the entire fragrance wheel before making your selection. There are some excellent floral, citrus and oriental fragrances for men that should not be overlooked.

Where to place fragrance

For guys on the go, wearing cologne usually involves spraying directly on your shirt and running out the door. This is not ideal for a couple of reasons. First, the chemicals in the fragrance could discolor your shirt. Second, the fragrance will smell different on your shirt than it does on your skin, which might not be pleasant. In Western culture, fragrance should be applied by hand to pressure points, such as on the neck, the wrists, and the inside of arms or back of knees. This allows the fragrance to release slowly with the heat of your body. An all-out spray may be more fragrance than you need. If you prefer the spray method, try using a body splash for a little after-workout freshness.

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