A safer sleep? The advantages of round cribs

If you are thinking about buying a round baby crib, then you are not alone. Many parents choose this specialty nursery item for its aesthetics as well as safety advantages. In addition to their eye-catching shape, round cribs can also be decorated with light fabric drapes. These canopies can enclose the crib in a tent of fabric, adding a designer air to the bed. With such a unique shape and the opportunity for decorative touches, round cribs can be the centerpiece of the nursery.

While they aren't cheap, round cribs offer easy physical and visual access for parents. Since the crib can be entered from both sides, you won't have to walk around the room, or turn into a contortionist in order to gently set your sleeping baby on the mattress. Additionally, moms and dads can see the baby from any angle, ensuring that you can check up on your little one without loudly tripping over toys (or the pets, or the laundry basket) in the process. With the crib in the center of the room, you can use all the extra wall space for other furniture, such as the changing table, dresser and toy shelves.

Round baby cribs offer a distinct safety advantage for parents willing to purchase something outside the norm. The most obvious benefit to a round crib is that it has no corners, which is great for parents of active babies who worry about those hard knocks. And, since most round cribs have a diameter of 42 inches, there is a smaller chance of your baby hitting a concussive point when she falls. Plus, there is plenty of room to play, which will delay the amount of time it takes for your wiggle worm to start fussing for a quick exit.

Get creative

You can also outfit your crib with cute and creative bedding for your baby. Round cribs are unique all by themselves, but a quaint dust ruffle or lively top sheet on a round mattress will complete any ensemble. You may want to buy matching furniture and build your whole nursery around this centerpiece item. There aren't many round crib manufacturers, so you will have the opportunity to get to know your retailer really well. Remember, for baby's safety, the top sheet should still fit snugly, and heavy blankets are not recommended until one year of age.

While round cribs are beautiful and offer a different level of safety for small infants, they cannot be used as long as standard cribs; the length limit is usually 35 inches, or about until your child is 2 years old. They are also less common, so you will spend more money for your crib, and for specialty bedding and mattresses. But the joy of having a conversation piece in your nursery may be worth these extra expenses.

Round cribs are fun and safe alternatives to traditional infant bed choices. Whether you are looking for something that will wow visitors or help prevent a few bumps and bruises, Sears can help you find a beautiful round crib for your nursery.

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