Setting up a video game room that's out of this world

Are you a Star Wars fan? A trekkie? Do you like anything space-related? Then look to a galaxy far, far away to find inspiration for the ultimate video game room.

Start your video game room design with an "enterprising" palette. The first color most people think of when they think of outer space is black. But a room that's entirely black may look more like a black hole than the Milky Way. Instead, place a nighttime sky mural on the ceiling. Paint the walls a dark blue. For the floor, try gray carpet. Add LED strip lighting where the floor meets the baseboards. Is Star Wars your favorite movie? Think lightsaber blue for the strip lighting. If you want to feel like you're in a spacecraft, apply silver wallpaper to the walls or paint them metallic silver.

Don't be afraid to have some fun with your decorations; the game room is the one place in your house that's focused on fun instead of function. Find round frames and trim the edges of posters featuring aliens to fit the frames. Place them around the room and you'll have portals to outer space: a room with a far out view. (If you'd rather have rectangular windows, use standard shaped frames.)

Get more video game room ideas while playing. Use your Ultrabook to capture screen images of your victories. Print and frame them. Shop for wall decals of your favorite characters, aliens and robots. Or track down posters from the game releases of your favorites, and outline them with more LED strip lighting or silver frames.

Be comfortable while you defend the planet

Purchase a sofa and club chairs or recliners for the room. Take measurements before you head to the department store to buy anything. Find game chairs and bean bag chairs that match the colors of the room. Some space-related seating is available, just search and shop around. Pay attention to the rest of your furniture as well. Paint an old bar stool and cut and glue a poster to cover the seat. You'll have a table for your remote control and snacks.

Accessories for video game rooms

Search for life-size cardboard cutouts. To save money, remember that some movie theaters and video game stores will give them to customers who ask for them. Look for 3-D wall decor of the solar system. Or you could make a solar system with Styrofoam. Be aware of what paint you use. Water-based paint is your best bet. If you want to use spray paint, make sure it's okay to use with Styrofoam; some spray paint will "melt" the Styrofoam.

Create pillows out of your favorite childhood space-themed T-shirts. Find silver lighting fixtures with that space-age, modern look. Two light sabers bracketed on the wall in an X shape would be a great feature. Paint wall shelves to match the walls or purchase metal ones. Display items you've collected over the years: action figures, books, board games, DVDs and so on.

When creating a video game room, designs are only limited by your imagination. With inspiration from your favorite space-related games and movies, you will have a room that's out of this world.

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