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Accent Mirrors

Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference. You don't necessarily need to outfit your walls with large paintings or statues in order to make a statement. Accent mirrors can be the ideal pieces to spice up a room. Bathroom mirrors are not only practical; they can also add visual flair to your washroom. Putting a simple framed mirror opposite an accent screen or wall divider can anchor a hallway or entryway. No matter the look you're going for, Sears has the decorative mirrors you need to reflect your personality.

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Make a room reflect your style with accent mirrors from Sears

Accent mirrors are versatile pieces that can serve any number of purposes in your home. Decorative mirrors can bounce light all around a room, and as a result, they can make dimly lit spaces appear brighter. These reflective properties can also add the illusion of depth to an otherwise small room. You can add them anywhere in your home, and Sears carries a variety of styles to suit any home decor, whether you're looking for a vintage full length mirror for the bedroom or a contemporary round mirror for your entryway.

When shopping for accent mirrors, it is important to consider the rest of your room's decor. Decorative mirrors have frames that include simple woods, ornate metals and nearly everything in between. Understanding the overall decor of a room will have an impact on the way a wall mirror looks hanging in that room. For example, a traditional style mirror with a gold or silver frame may look out of place if the rest of your decor is country, casual or modern. For areas outside of formal living rooms or family rooms, you have a bit more leeway. Putting a framed mirror over a contrasting accent table from Sears can lend visual interest to a hallway.

Bedrooms are where you'll often find pieces of furniture that you might not think would work well in other parts of your home. Accent benches and floor mirrors are great for storing your unused clothes and seeing how nicely you look, respectively, but these pieces can do more than that. A full length mirror from Sears can make a bold statement in a kitchen. A floor mirror with a stand can liven up a family room corner in a more interesting way than simply placing a potted plant.

Just because a bathroom mirror is a necessity doesn't mean it can't be stylish. Decorative bathroom mirrors from Sears can function as standalone medicine cabinets or sit atop a vanity or makeup table. If you want to do something other than simply putting a medicine cabinet on the wall, you can mount a standard framed mirror there and use an accent cabinet to store your toiletries. You can use just about any kind of decorative mirror in the bathroom. Frameless models are the most simple and are ideal for a clean, contemporary look. Framed and Venetian mirrors have more formal designs that are great for powder rooms and guest bathrooms. Smaller pivoting units are practical accent mirrors that can provide magnification.

Knowing the look you want to achieve and measuring your space are the key elements to selecting the right accent mirror for your home. Once you have this information in hand, check out Sears' wide assortment of decorative mirrors to find the perfect piece.



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