Adjustable dumbbells and other exercise equipment for small spaces

Whether you live in an apartment or a home full of people, you may find that it is sometimes hard to make room for fitness and exercise equipment. Don't let space put a damper on your routine; there are many options available for people who don't have much room to spare. In fact, all the equipment you need to stay in shape will fit in a small plastic storage bin. Just select your favorite workout tools from the list below to get started.

Strength training is often associated with lifting weights at the gym. You may imagine dumbbells, adjustable weight machines and a standard bench-and-barbell set-up. However, you can get most of what you need with an adjustable dumbbell set. Unlike massive sets of traditional dumbbells, adjustable weight dumbbells take up very little space, since all weight variations are compacted into one dumbbell. They look like miniature barbell sets, and only two will give you all the weight variety you need for a basic workout. The best adjustable dumbbells offer locking mechanisms and easy plate placement and removal options. You can use one adjustable dumbbell at a time to target specific weight groups, or use a pair to work on more major muscle groups.

Strength training

If you are prone to injury or are worried about lifting free weights, resistance bands are another great strength training option. These are latex or silicone bands or tubes of varying thicknesses. They take up very little space, but are quite effective at building muscle, working on form and strengthening stabilizer muscles. Plus, you don't have to worry about dropping weights on your toes. To use a resistance band, you secure one end to a stationary surface and pull on it to simulate the motion of lifting a free weight against gravity. Popular in rehabilitation centers and gyms alike, resistance bands are an affordable and space-saving strength training tool.

Core training

If you have a carpeted floor, then you may not need any tools but your pretty self; crunches and other body weight exercises can lead you to a healthy core. However, you may also benefit from the use of a yoga mat. The mat will keep your floor free of sweat and give you a dedicated workout space in which to move. It rolls up and stows easily away in a corner or small box.

In addition to floor work, you may also want to take advantage of the benefits that an exercise ball will add to your workout routine. Since an exercise ball deflates, it can easily be stowed away when not in use. Exercise balls are great for doing modified crunches, planks, pushups and pelvic floor exercises. Likewise, small yoga blocks can be used to enhance these exercises as well, by modifying your center of gravity to exercise different muscle groups.

Sears has a great variety of fitness equipment for any space large or small. Whether you just need a speed rope or an entire gym, let Sears help you get everything you need to make good on all of those fitness goals.

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