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      Hose Reels

      Keeping your garage or workshop clean and tidy can be tough. When it comes to your air hoses, they tend to get tangled and usually end up in a heap on the floor. The quick fix for this is investing in an air hose reel. These reels are easily wall mounted and help store your hose in a compact space but don't diminish airflow. Sears has models that offer spring powered recoil system, allowing you to simply pull and release to wind your hose back up. Check out our entire selection and find the best option for you.

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      Air hose reels keep your hoses tangle free

      Hose reels are the best way to make sure your air hose is wrapped up tight and kept out of your way. These reels are easy to wall mount and give you the ability to put your hose wherever you'll need it most. Sears has a number of options with various features to meet any requirements you have.

      Having a sturdy hose reel is a must. The jobs that the hose itself will be doing and the environments you'll be working in are going to be high-impact. The reel will need to be able to take as much punishment as the hose. Choose from durable models in anything from steel to heavy duty polypropylene. Polypropylene reels are perfect for hoses that will either be outside or in moisture-filled environments. This material is non-corrosive and won't rust. These reels fully encase the hose, protecting it while it isn't in use, so you can save on air compressor replacement parts. Reels made out of steel are perfect for anything indoors. They're sturdy and can take any hits that may come their way.

      The big advantage to having your air hose on a reel is it stays out of your way, which will help you avoid tangling and other mishaps that could end up requiring air tool replacement parts to fix. Every hose reel we have can be mounted to your wall with ease, freeing up room in your shop for your larger tools. You can find units that are hand cranked or have built in spring retraction. With a quick tug on the hose, these models will automatically wind it back up into the reel, making clean up a snap.

      For welders, whether you're at home or in a professional work environment, having a solid oxyacetylene hose reel is a must. These reels are specially made to handle both air and acetylene hoses at once. This makes the welding process exponentially safer. Keeping both hoses together reduces tripping hazards and helps you know which line is which.

      Safety should always be a number one concern while working on any job. Investing in an air hose reel will help uphold those standards. Sears has the air hose reels to fit your garage or shop perfectly.


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