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      Save time and effort with air staplers

      The first step in tackling any home improvement project is to arm yourself with the right tools. If you are building a cabinet or installing interior trim, air tools like nailers and air staplers are essential tools. These tools help reduce the effort you exert and improve your speed and accuracy exponentially. Whether you are tackling a professional contracting job or your first home project, Sears has the right tools from trusted brand names for any stapling and nailing job to ensure safe, high quality craftsmanship.

      If you are tackling a roofing job, an air stapler is useful. Air staplers offer precision and speed. When you are selecting a stapler, consider the staple size you will need, including the weight of the stapler itself. You want to choose a staple gun that is powerful yet easy to handle. For specialized jobs like installing vinyl siding and sheathing, a stapler like the Bostitch 651S5 16 Gauge Crown Siding Stapler works well. This stapler has a quick-release mechanism that offers quick and easy clearing of occasional jams, and it has a magazine capacity of 160 fasteners. This potent tool helps to reduce the stress on your arms, hand and wrist.

      An air drill is one of the most versatile tools you can have around your home, garage or workshop. Whether you are a seasoned builder or experienced handyman, air drills like the Ingersoll Rand Mini Air Drill Driver Tool Kit and the Craftsman 3/8 inch Reversible Drill can serve as perfect additions to your tool arsenal. These tools are portable and battery-operated, and they can attach to an air compressor to maximize drilling power. In addition, pneumatic tools are adept at generating more rotation and producing greater revolutions per minute than their electric counterparts, meaning greater efficiency. The Craftsman model offers a lightweight design and comfortable grip to make drilling simple and precise. If you work in a confined automotive or industrial space, compact heavy-duty designs like the Craftsman 3/8-inch Right Angle Reversible Drill are ideal.

      Using a hammer to peg a nail in the wall for a picture frame is a common, but for for bigger projects, you can save yourself time and toil by investing in a nail gun. Nailers attach easily to an air compressor, and they come in several varieties depending on the size and type of nail you are using. You must also consider body design, weight and level of vibration to ensure that you get the comfort level you desire. As with any power tool, safety is paramount when working with a nailer. Therefore, you want to choose a model with safety features like the Surebonder Pneumatic Straight Finish Nailer that contains a defense mechanism to prevent accidental firing. Because a high quality power nailer can sink thousands of nails a day dependably and accurately, it can help you avoid the strain associated with manual hammering. When you are choosing your air tools and accessories, do not forget supplies like nails, pins and staples. Depending on the job you are doing, you will need to make sure to use the appropriate size or gauge of these supplies.

      Whether you are installing bookcases or assembling furniture, Sears has the tools for your nailing and stapling jobs. Shop Sears today to save time and labor.


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