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Bullying hurts. Team up and take action to change lives today.

We're building the web's most powerful resource site to connect bullying solutions to those who need help. By back-to-school season 2012, sears.com/teamup will be a site where anyone affected by the bullying epidemic — victims, parents, educators, and communities — will find the solutions they need, all in one place. In the meantime, please take our Power Pledge today to acknowledge the power you get when you Team Up to Stop Bullying!

Be a part of the solution!

WhyThis Matters

  • Children deserve to be protected and learn in a safe place.
  • Schools and parents don't know where to turn and need a trusted source of options and answers.
  • We need to prevent despair, which often leads to tragedy.

Why Sears isGetting Involved

Our national and online presence gives us the opportunity to make effective bullying solutions, resources and options more readily available to the victims, parents, educators and communities who need them. Some of our partners, including the Kardashians, will be working with us toward making solutions more available through Team Up To Stop Bullying as well.

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Did youknow?

While the problem persists...

  • Bullying is the leading factor for suicide among teens and preteens
  • Six out of 10 American youths witness bullying at least once a day

...progress has been made.

  • Just 10 years ago only 15 states had anti-bullying legislation; today, 48 states have anti-bullying laws.
  • A recent study found that students who participated in a bullying prevention program reported a 35% decrease in bullying activity at the middle school level and a 31% decrease at the high school level.

Coming Soon!

Sears.com/teamup will deliver:

  • Easy access to our coalition of anti-bullying partners' solutions and services
  • Next-step solutions to your bullying issue
  • Ways you can make a difference in your community

Be a part of the solution!


I pledge to/p>

  • Never demean, humiliate, be disrespectful toward, physically hurt or bully anyone, ever.
  • Be a strong bystander. When it is safe, I will let a bully know that his/her words or behaviors are wrong and hurtful. If it is not safe to intervene, I will tell someone in authority about the situation immediately.
  • Be inclusive and invite those who may not be included elsewhere to be a part of my group or event.
  • Accept and celebrate that all people are unique and different.
  • Not judge others.
  • Never cyber-bully for any reason.
  • Defend and support others when they need it.

Be a part of the solution!

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