Team Up To Stop Bullying

Thanks for you interest in Team Up to Stop Bullying. Having helped raise awareness and elevate the anti-bullying discussion nationally, we have drawn the program to a close.

If you need help now, please call 1-800-448-3000, or text VOICE to 20121, or visit

team up to stop bullying


I pledge to…

  • Never demean, humiliate, be disrespectful toward, physically hurt or bully anyone, ever.
  • Be a strong upstander. When it is safe, I will let a bully know that his/her words or behaviors are wrong and hurtful. If it is not safe to intervene, I will tell someone in authority about the situation immediately.
  • Accept and celebrate that all people are unique and different.
  • Not judge others.
  • Never cyber-bully for any reason.
  • Defend and support others when they need it.

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Thank you for taking the Power Pledge

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