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      Choose cool air conditioner accessories at hot prices

      Having the right accessories for your air conditioner will improve its performance, increase its durability, allow it to run efficiently and make it easier to install. Sears has the accessories you're looking for to use with your window air conditioner, through-the-wall unit or portable AC. Browse our accessories for heating and cooling appliances, and you'll find items to help you get the best performance and greatest longevity from each one.

      Portable air conditioners are a great way to lower your energy costs during the cooling season. Use the A/C in the room your using without having to cool rooms that are empty. Most portable AC models are fitted with wheels and sturdy handles, so moving them from room to room is easy. Window exhaust hoses install quickly. Many portable air conditioners condensate tanks and floats that shut off the unit if the tank gets full. Others have a drain hose connection that can be run to a floor drain to allow continuous cooling. Sears carries many of today's leading portable air conditioner brands like Kenmore, Honeywell and Sunpentown. Accessories for portable air conditioners at Sears include covers, drain hoses, window exhaust kits and tablets that stop the growth of mold in drain tanks and pans.

      For more permanent installation, wall air conditioners are a very good choice. They don't take up window space either. When you shop Sears, you'll find the right size to cool the space and reduce humidity. We carry top-rated wall air conditioners from top brands like Kenmore and Frigidaire. Check out our collection of wall air conditioners and mini-split systems that don't require any ductwork. Some of our most popular wall air conditioner accessories are galvanized steel sleeves, indoor and outdoor covers and universal remote controllers. The DIY enthusiast will find common replacement parts for maintenance and repairs.

      If you prefer a more affordable approach to room air conditioning, Sears has hundreds of window air conditioners at competitive prices. From compact models ideal for a small bedroom to large units capable of cooling a large zone or small apartment, we've got the right size for your purposes. Choose window air conditioners from popular brands such as Frigidaire and Soleus. To accessorize your window AC, an attractive indoor cover will make it inconspicuous when not in use, and an outdoor cover will keep it in great shape through the cooler months. Spray-on coil cleaner will help any air conditioner run more efficiently. You'll find all the window air conditioner accessories you need at Sears.

      Are you looking for low prices on AC accessories? Shop Sears' air conditioner accessories for prices that will let you keep your cool when it's warm outside.


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