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      Upgrade range accessories with cooktops, microwaves and hoods

      Even the nicest kitchen can be improved with Sears range accessories. Try a switch from traditional gas or electric ranges to flat cooktops that give you versatility and added safety. Sears flat cooktops are energy-efficient and can save on utility bills because they require 10 percent to 50 percent less energy than traditional gas or electric burners. For example, water boils in roughly half the time it would take on a traditional electric burner. Flat cooktops are easy to clean and spills do not run off the edges. Heat is transferred to the pan while the surface remains cool and safe, and any spills will not burn. For those who prefer a more traditional cooking surface, Sears stocks regular gas and electric burners in cooktops that have dishwasher-safe knobs and will sit on a flat surface for built-in convenience.

      Another way to improve your kitchen utility is to add an attractive over the range microwave oven. Save valuable room for countertop food preparation when you mount one of these units above your range. Ventilation is not a problem because most units have a built-in exhaust fan. Many units have hood styling that uses your existing venting system. Installation is quite simple with our Sears mounting kits, or we can install it for you. We also have a special microwave cleaner to help you keep our brand name over the range microwaves clean and clear of grease buildup or spatters from the range top. Having your microwave above the range means you can still enjoy all the benefits of fast, energy-efficient cooking without taking up limited countertop space.

      Range hoods are a convenient kitchen accessory that helps prevent grease and grime from discoloring and building up on ceilings and walls. Hoods can either be ductless and can self-clean by using filters, or they can be ducted to use a vent above the range. Smoke, odors and grease are cleaned from the air above the cooktop and vented away from the room or cleaned in the filter system. Sears has a broad assortment of range hoods in various sizes, styles and colors. Choose a hideaway style that fits under a cabinet or select a bold look that you want to show off prominently above the range. Venting is accomplished via the use of wall or roof ducts. Other popular styles of range hoods are designed to be installed above a central kitchen island cooking unit. Most range hoods have timers and self-contained lighting. For easy integration into your kitchen design scheme, many are available in assorted colors. Adjustable blower speeds, gas sensors and warning lights are incorporated into most brand-name models. A warming drawer is another useful kitchen accessory that is available in some range hoods. Never worry if you might someday need parts for your kitchen appliances, because Sears warehouses are stocked full of small kitchen accessory replacement parts.


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