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      Upgrade Your In-Home System with Water Cooler Accessories

      If you lack a refrigerator water system or a filtration system on your tap, then consider an in-home water cooler and filtered pitchers. Sears offers hundreds of name-brand water cooler accessories and filters to improve your home's drinking water. An Avanti tabletop water dispenser provides both cold and room temperature water. A five-stage reverse osmosis water-filtration system uses carbon to remove dissolved metals and other contaminants from your drinking water.

      We have additional water filter system parts available from Kenmore and GE for your refrigerator and in-home water system. The water filter collects contaminants from your drinking water, and you have to replace it regularly to prevent those contaminants from escaping into your water. Kenmore PuR and Whirlpool refrigerator ice and water filters take minutes to install, and you also have sediment filter cartridges that reduce the amount of rust and iron particles in your water system. Whether you use a refrigerator water system or a filtered water pitcher, keep plenty of water filters and cartridges on hand to ensure you have clean, clear drinking water for the future.

      If you home's drinking supply comes from the city or a well, then you could benefit from a water system and whole house water filters to remove sediment and contaminants from the drinking water. Depending on the water system you install, you have the choice between carbon filtration and reverse osmosis. A reverse osmosis filter omits the carbon, and uses a special membrane to collect heavy metals and chlorine. Carbon filters work just as well and remove lead, mercury and additional heavy metals. With a Kenmore water-filtration system, you can drink the water from your kitchen faucet without the worry of chlorine and other contamination.

      Smaller water systems install conveniently in your kitchen and provide gallons of continuous drinking water. The Kenmore Elite premiere water system uses reverse osmosis to purify the water, and it stores up to four gallons at once. A Soleus water system provides cold and hot water, and it has a digital display that indicates the temperature and the amount of water in the bin. We also have Kenmore two-stage water filters available that remove the taste of chlorine from your drinking water.

      Whether you need water cooler accessories or water filters, we have what you need to provide contaminant-free drinking water for your home. If you want to remove the smell and taste of chlorine in your water, then install a two-stage or a reverse osmosis water system in your kitchen. Come to Sears for affordable water-filtration systems and accessories, and improve your family's drinking water.


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