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      Water Heater Accessories Keep You in Hot Water

      You can rely on Sears to provide all of your water heating and water treating equipment and accessories. The size and type of water heater that is best for your home depends on the size of your family and the types of fuel that are available. If you want to install a new water heater or perform simple maintenance jobs on your existing one, we have installation kits, drain pans and other accessories to make your job easier. Whether you need to soften or filter your water depends on the quality of your water supply as well as your family's taste preferences.

      Sears might be able to help you cut your utility bills with a new water heater. If it is about time to replace your old heater, look into one of our hybrid water heater models. These units combine heat pump technology with standard natural gas or electric resistance heating to supply your family's hot water while using a lot less energy than conventional heaters. Your investment in a hybrid water heater could pay for itself through energy savings in just a few years, and your family won't notice any difference in their hot water supply. We have hybrid water heaters with tank capacities ranging from 25 gallons to 80 gallons, so you are sure to be able to find a heater that will meet your family's requirements.

      Do you have hard water problems? Sears has water softeners and water softener accessories that you need to bring your home's water quality up to your standards. If you have well water or a municipal water supply with large concentrations of minerals such as iron, softening your water will reduce the buildup of scale in your plumbing and minerals stains in your sink and toilet. Many people prefer the feel of soft water for washing and prefer the taste of water that does not have strong mineral flavors. Our water softener accessories include the salt, replacement softener filters and plumbing fittings you need to keep your softener running smoothly.

      If you are concerned about silt, bacteria or other impurities in your water supply, we have faucet mounts that will supply you with a continuous stream of hot or cold filtered water. With our extensive selection of mounting hardware, plumbing fittings and other accessories, you can make an easy afternoon project out of installing one of these filtering systems yourself. We have replacement filter elements and other water purification supplies as well as portable filtering pitchers for your counter or refrigerator.

      Shop with us for all of your water quality management equipment and accessories. From energy-saving water heaters to water softeners to water filters, Sears supplies what you need to provide your family with reliable and hot water and safe drinking water.


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