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      Use Water Softener Accessories to Upgrade Your Water System

      Water softener accessories come in handy when you want to install a system and remove hard-water minerals from your drinking water. Sears provides hundreds of water softener accessories that help you install and maintain your in-home water system. Select EcoWater flex connectors for your 3/4- or one-inch plumbing, and use Morton System Saver II salt pellets to reduce hard-water spots and to prevent mineral buildup. Whether you need iron-lead filter cartridges or a Pentek sediment filter, you can find the water softener accessories for your system at Sears.

      Like in-home water systems, water heaters wear down over time, and you need to replace or upgrade old parts. Water heater accessories such as 20-inch drain pans collect water and prevent damage to your floor and items. We also have installation kits that contain flexible water connectors and tubes for your gas water heater. Invest in a Kenmore thermal expansion tank to protect your closed portable water heater. It bonds easily to the water heater, and its corrosion-resistant material ensures long life.

      High levels of calcium and magnesium ions in your drinking water indicate hard water, and it builds up in your sinks, tubs and cookware. You can prevent hard-water buildup and improve the taste of your drinking water with water softeners from Kenmore. You have the choice between hybrid, extra high-efficiency and ultra high-efficiency water softeners depending on the severity of your drinking water. An ultra high-efficiency softener uses 35 percent less salt, and it provides up to 41 percent better water flow. With a Kenmore water softener, you can say good-bye to filters and the smell and taste of chlorine in your water.

      If you want a portable solution to your hard-water problem, then consider countertop water coolers for your home. Water coolers come in pitcher and mounted styles, and some use filters and reverse osmosis to remove chlorine and hard-water contaminants from your drinking water. The BNF 5-stage system uses reverse osmosis to eliminate sediment, rust and dirt from the water. With a Brita water-filtration system, you can fill the pitcher and wait as the filter gets rid of the contaminants that affect your water. Some water-filtration pitchers include water testers that you can use to test for minerals, which also indicates when you should replace your filter.

      Hard water affects the taste of your drinking water, and it causes buildup in your sinks and on your cookware. Install water softeners to combat hard-water minerals, or use a countertop water cooler as a portable alternative to a built-in system. Look to Sears for the biggest selection of water-filtration systems and water softener accessories for your home.


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