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      Air Conditioners

      Stay cool in any weather with an air conditioner from Sears

      When the heat rises outside, there's no need to be uncomfortable when you're inside. Although fans can do a great job of cooling off a room, sometimes you need something with a little more power. An air conditioning unit from Sears can make any room in your home just the right temperature. 

      Sears has a room air conditioner option to suit any area of your home. Window air conditioners are a great choice to cool a single room or larger space and they're easy to install. With British thermal units ranging from about 5,000 BTUs to more than 12,000 BTUs, you can choose a window air conditioner with the right amount of power for your needs. If you have a room without windows or you don't want to sacrifice window space, a wall air conditioner is a great choice. If you need more versatility from your cooling device, consider a stand-alone air conditioner. These portable options allow you the flexibility to move them nearly anywhere you need them. 

      Many air conditioners come with a number of added features. Remote controls allow you to adjust settings from the comfort of your chair and some air conditioner units also have dehumidifiers to help minimize moisture in the air. While a variety of heaters are available to keep your room warm in colder months, some air conditioners also have a heating function so they can serve you year round. No matter your cooling needs, you can find the perfect solution with an air conditioner from Sears.