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Keep your cool with air conditioners from Sears

In hot, humid weather, the climate indoors can be miserable. Sears has the air conditioners that reduce the heat and humidity in a hurry. Window air conditioners come in a range of cooling capacities, and many are priced for those who want to be cost conscious. Wall air conditioners offer powerful A/C performance without blocking widow space. Portable air conditioners feature stable wheels and sturdy handles for easy movement from room to room. When you shop here for air conditioners, you'll find the features that you want most. These include 12-24 hour timers, 3-speed fans and digital thermostats for precise temperature control. Some of these air conditioners are equipped with a heating coil or heat pump technology to provide space heating as well as cooling. If you don't know what type or size you need, our Air Conditioner Advisor is a great place to begin.

We've got the hot stuff as well as the cool! These include heating options for indoor and outdoor locations. Space heaters help reduce energy use and costs. You can turn down the central heating and use the heater to warm the room you're occupying. For ambiance and warmth, you may want to consider an electric fireplace from Real Flame, UniFlame or today's hottest manufacturer, Heat Surge. Portable Heat Surge heaters feature gorgeous Amish-built wood cabinets that remain cool to the touch while filling the space with warm, comfortable air. Outdoor heaters allow you to enjoy the deck or patio on chilly evenings. Natural gas and electric outdoor heaters combine stylish beauty with practical utility. Keep in mind that Sears provides central HVAC systems too, and many of the components we sell bear the Energy Star logo for superior energy efficiency.

If you want to improve the quality of the air you breathe, air purifiers will help. They remove particulates from the air including allergens like dust and pollen. Advanced air purifiers can remove smoke and odors too. Popular features include HEPA filters and ionizer air cleaning. Shop brands like Kenmore, Whirlpool, and Honeywell.

If you need parts to keep your car's engine cool, we have automotive belts such as car heating and cooling belts. When you car's fan belt goes, so does the air conditioning system. We carry replacement automotive belts, specialty air conditioning parts and radiator parts too. They will keep your car running great and the driver comfortable in all seasons.

Sears covers climate control like no one else. Choose Sears for great selection and low prices on heating and cooling products to keep you comfortable in every season.