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Cool off your home with window air conditioners

Window air conditioners are a cost-effective way to lower the temperature of an apartment or room in your home. Central air can be expensive to install and to maintain over time. A window AC unit gives you control over how frequently you want to use your air conditioner, reducing your electrical bill. Sears has the right air conditioner for any size of room or type of window.

While a window air conditioner cannot keep a large open floor or an entire house cold, it is a great option for beating the heat in smaller apartments or specific rooms in your home. If your house has rooms that always seem to be hotter than the rest, a window AC unit can make them more comfortable. A tower fan can help distribute chilled air from the AC unit into adjoining spaces, helping to cool off more of an apartment with a single air conditioning unit and saving you money.

Window AC units are an environmentally-friendly way to stop sweating in the summer months. You only need to run the air conditioner when it's needed, reducing your electrical usage and expenses. Instead of cooling a bedroom while you're out of the house during the day, you only need to run the window unit during the evening to cool down. Some units also feature remote controls and sleep timers for greater convenience and efficiency. Many models are Energy Star®-compliant, with EnergyGuide ratings available to help you determine the yearly operating costs of each unit. A high-efficiency air conditioner can complement other energy-saving appliances in an eco-conscious home.

You can find a window air conditioner for any home at Sears. Units with a higher British thermal unit (BTU) rating are best for larger rooms, while lower BTU units are effective for small rooms without using too much power. A low-profile model allows you to enjoy more of your window's view while you relax in the cold air. There are also models to fit windows in rooms with horizontal sliding or hinged casement windows. Some models also feature air filters that keep the air in your room clean and healthy.

Chill in your apartment without the expense of central air. Sears has a window air conditioner to suit any type of room or window. Find the right AC unit for your home and escape the heat of the warm months.


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