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      Protect your home and your health with a dehumidifier

      If you live in a humid climate, you can extend the life of your home and furnishings with a dehumidifier from Sears. Dehumidifiers dry the air and remove excess moisture. This prevents the spread of mold, which can cause health issues and damage belongings within the home.

      Home dehumidifiers can help protect you and your family from allergies, itchy skin, irritated sinuses and other health concerns linked to the presence of mold and persistent damp air in the home. If you're trying to manage humidity in specific rooms, you don't need a large dehumidifier with an external pump. There are many options for small models that can hold about 30 to 70 pints of water in an internal tank. The machine will alert you when the tank is full and automatically shut off until emptied to prevent overflows and malfunctions.

      In areas where the air in your house tends to be damp for much of the year, a dehumidifier will help preserve your home, as well as your health. Excess water in the air can cause warping in wood and rust on metal surfaces such as components of appliances. Furniture upholstery as well as linens, rugs and clothing risk being damaged by mold when continuously exposed to humid air. You can extend the life of your home and your belongings in climates that are humid for much of the year by using dehumidifiers where they're most needed in your house.

      Dehumidifiers can also be used to get dampness quickly off of surfaces and out of the surrounding air when your home has been exposed to excess moisture. Home dehumidifiers can help speed a clean up after a basement floods, or to ensure that recently cleaned carpets dry completely. A unit with an external pump connection or gravity drain will allow you to connect it to a hose or floor drain to continuously empty the unit. If you're currently living away from a flooded home, this will save you extra trips to empty your water tank. Be sure you have all the necessary dehumidifier accessories such as backup drain hoses and replacement filters so you're fully stocked for a big project.

      Humidity can be a major problem for both your home and your health. Pick up a dehumidifier and start experiencing dryer and fresher air that leaves your home feeling more comfortable from Sears today.


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