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Prepare the perfect meal with kitchen cooking bundles

Sears cooking bundles make handling the toughest cooking assignments so much easier. The kitchen combos range from basic but highly capable single wall ovens to sophisticated double electric wall ovens with matching cooktops. Cooking bundles provide everything you will need for a wide array of cooking tasks from baking cookies to steaming vegetables or preparing an entire multi-course dinner.

Once the meal is ready, you might want to use a warming drawer if you are still waiting for guests to arrive. A warming drawer keeps the food warm with gentle heat and without any additional cooking. Typically, they have adjustable temperature ranges from 80 to 250 degrees, and some also come with humidity control systems to keep crisp food from becoming overly moist. Another option is use ovens with special warming settings. For example, some Kenmore products come available with Jewish Sabbath settings that gently keep food warm for hours.

Preparing the food is just part of the task in serving the perfect meal. Fine dinnerware, utensils and cutlery will help augment the food presentation. Dining sets can range from fancy decorative porcelain to more affordable but still attractive ceramic and glass sets. Eating utensils, also called flatware, can range from elegant silverware in Baroque or other classic styling to easier-to-maintain stainless steel flatware sets.

After the main meal, you may want to serve dessert with tea or coffee. Gourmet coffee makers can churn out a wide variety of popular brews including espressos, cappuccinos and lattes. Sears has a carousel tower that can display a choice of 30 different coffees, teas and cocoas so that your guests can choose what suits them best.

Once the meal prepared with your cooking combo is complete, it is time for cleanup. Sears has a wide choice of automatic dishwashers to choose from that can make your life that much easier.

Whether you select a built-in or a portable dishwasher, these products work automatically and efficiently to thoroughly clean dishes and flatware. Top-rated dishwashers have Energy Star certification, which means that you pay less in energy bills while helping to save the environment.

Sears has cooking combos that will meet the needs of any modern home kitchen. At the top of the range is the Kenmore double electric wall oven with matching cooktop. The 4.2-cubic-foot oven has enough space to easily handle meals for large family gatherings or for office parties. A variable speed convection fan allows you to set convention at just the right rate for heating and crisping. Other Kenmore ovens have self-cleaning systems that make them easier to maintain. The Select Clean function is customizable so that the cleaning cycle matches the amount of dirt and residue in the oven.

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