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      Outfit your home with a floor care bundle

      When you're shopping for the right floor care appliance for your home, you also need to pick up important accessories like vacuum bags, filters and mop pads. With our floor care bundles, you can be sure you're taking home all the right supplies to take on dirt and spills. Bundles are available for a wide range of popular vacuums, mops and carpet cleaners. Pick one up and you'll be set with all the right floor care products.

      You can find the right vacuum for any household in our selection of floor care bundles. If your living room has a lot of low furniture such as entertainment centers and coffee tables, you might prefer the maneuverability and reach of a canister vacuum. Our canister vacuum bundles include extra bags so that you always have enough on hand. There are also bundles with replacement belts for bagless models. Some sets also include extra attachments for tasks like dusting or vacuuming hard-to-reach spaces. The same convenient bundles are also available for easy-to-use upright vacuums. Many upright models are specialized for homes with pets, with features that help them pick up hair embedded in carpets and furniture.

      After vacuuming large areas with your upright or canister vacuum, a handheld vacuum is a great way to sweep up in corners or on upholstery. You could also consider adding a handheld vacuum to your home for tidying up smaller messes without needing to bring out a full-size machine every time. Keep one near a litter box to sweep up spills or in a high-traffic entryway to pick up dirt tracked in from outside. You'll find handheld vacuum bundles with all the attachments you need to handle small clean-up jobs. For deep stains in carpets and rugs, handheld spot treatment machines are the best tool for the job. Our bundles include solutions to tackle any type of carpet stain.

      Keep your hardwood, tile and laminate floors sparkling with steam mops. You can follow up with a dust pan or broom to take care of any major messes, then finish the job with a steam mop. These mops kill germs and bacteria using the power of steam, making them the best way to completely sanitize floors in kitchens and bathrooms. Since they only use steam, they're also chemical-free and great for the environment. Sears offers bundles with extra cleaning pads so that you're always ready for unexpected spills.

      Floor care bundles from Sears bring together everything you need to keep your floors looking their best. Make sure to stock up on all the essentials to take on any cleaning challenge.


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