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Get Superior Storage Space with Commercial Refrigerators

In both home and business settings, superior appliances are a must for optimal kitchen performance. Whether you're running a restaurant or simply need extra space to store a bounty of home-grown produce, you want a refrigerator and freezer that you can rely on. Commercial grade appliances combine large storage capacity with quality that lasts. Sears offers a variety of these appliances that work well in both retail and residential kitchens.

Available in both upright and chest models, commercial freezers are a versatile storage solution. Upright models are similar in style to refrigerators and can hold any kind of frozen food. Chest freezers feature hinged lids that open from the top and include lift-out baskets that can be rearranged to utilize as much space as possible. Some chest freezers have a sliding lid like you would find on the ice cream display at your local corner store. Choose large capacity freezers with over 19 cu. ft. of storage space for all your commercial needs, or opt for something smaller if you want extra freezer space in your home kitchen.

Freezerless refrigerators provide businesses with maximum storage capacity for a variety of foods. Extensive shelving on the door interior holds tall cartons and jugs. Models with drawer space make organization a breeze. If you need a chilled display space, there are freezerless refrigerators with glass doors that are perfect for holding baked goods or beverages. With trusted names such as Frigidaire and Kenmore, you know you're getting good quality that will serve your business operations for many years. The slim upright design of freezerless refrigerators fits in both commercial and residential kitchens without taking up too much space, allowing you to have a separate refrigerator and freezer in your home if you prefer. This offers more food storage and greater versatility when it comes to kitchen design.

Many styles of refrigerators are available for home and business use. Choosing the right one for your home kitchen depends on how much space you have to work with and how much food you tend to keep on hand. If you have a big family or live far enough away from the grocery store that you only shop once a week, a side-by-side or bottom freezer model will serve you well. These styles offer a lot of space in both the refrigerator and freezer areas, so you can stock up on both fresh and frozen foods. Top freezer models have a smaller capacity that fits better in small kitchens. Ease of access is another thing to consider when shopping for a refrigerator. Top freezers sit at eye level while bottom freezers slide out with ease. Choose the model that best fits your needs for a kitchen setup that serves the whole family.

From coffeehouses and restaurants to extensive home kitchens, commercial appliances are a smart choice for food storage. Check out the selection at Sears for all of your commercial kitchen needs.


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