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      Reimagine your kitchen with a downdraft cooktop

      You don't need to plan your kitchen around an obtrusive range hood. With a downdraft cooktop, you can give your kitchen a wide open feel while smoke and odors from cooking are efficiently removed. Instead of venting smoke upward into ducts in the ceiling or wall, downdraft cooktops rely on ducts in the floor. These sleek cooktops will give your kitchen a sophisticated look, and you'll have a much more comfortable cooking experience.

      A downdraft cooktop is a great alternative to installing a typical range hood in your kitchen. Downdraft cooktops pull smoke and steam emitted from pots and pans downward using a fan in the center of the cooktop that ventilates into ducts in the floor. With a range hood, smoke and fumes have to rise to be vented away. This means that they can still enter the air in the kitchen, causing lingering odors and irritating you and others nearby as you cook. The downdraft system pulls everything downwards immediately, eliminating irritating fumes before they enter the kitchen air.

      While a downdraft cooktop can make cooking a more enjoyable experience, it can also change up the look of your kitchen significantly. Downdraft ventilation systems work best when there is plenty of airflow, so larger or more open kitchen designs are ideal. Since you don't need a range hood, the open look of your space will be preserved. Downdraft cooktops also tend to be less noisy and easier to clean. Less grease and moisture will be left on the stove and surrounding area thanks to the downdraft fan, and you won't have to worry about special cleaning procedures for a range hood. You can simply clean the ventilation area with the same cleaning products you use to wipe down the rest of the cooktop.

      Even if you already have an oven or stove, you can enhance your kitchen by adding a downdraft cooktop. If you frequently cook large meals, a cooktop installed in an island can add more space to prepare hot food. If you want to enjoy the flavors of outdoor grilling year-round, you could add a downdraft cooktop with a grill. You'll get the flavor you love and any smoke will be pulled away by the downdraft. Some models have modular designs so you can add different cooking surfaces like griddles or coils as needed.

      A downdraft cooktop gives you more control over the way your kitchen looks and more comfort as you cook. Whether you're looking to find the right place for a cooking surface or want to eliminate cooking odors more quickly from your space, a downdraft cooktop is a versatile solution for your kitchen.


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