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Gas cooktops provide even cooking and high heat at low prices

Sears has wide range of gas cooktops to suit your needs, with basic options starting with sealed or open burners and expanding to include a variety of controls, features, functions and styles. Controls can be in the front of the unit, adjacent to the burners on the cooking surface, or on the side. Ignition of gas cooktops is now generally electronic, which means no fumbling with matches or wasting energy on pilot lights. Based on preference, the cooktops can be installed on top of an oven, or directly on the counter. Cooks also can choose from among high efficiency burners that range from 5,000 to over 17,000 BTUs. In some cases, the iron grates lift off and pop straight into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Many cooks love the ease and precision of a gas cooktop, with temperatures that can be adjusted quickly for perfection. Gas cooktops can be installed on top of an existing stove or even on a counter space. Ranges typically come in white, black, and stainless steel, making them easy to blend into an existing kitchen design. Most also feature electronic ignition, meaning the days of fumbling with matches are over. Sealed cooktops, those with all elements sealed directly into the cooktop itself, are the most common choice, though open cooktops are still available.

Sealed cooktops combine the high heat and precise control of a gas cooktop with an easy-clean surface that's sealed against spills. This means that any sloshes of broth or dripping broken eggs stay on the surface for easy, wipe-down cleaning. Many models also use a continuous grate, which is one large grid that can be lifted out for cleaning. This type of grate was engineered to allow sliding, rather than lifting, heavy pots and pans off a hot burner. The burners and grates on a sealed cooktop can be recessed, making an even visual surface across the counter for a modern, sleek-looking kitchen. Stainless steel cooktops are available, as well as a model featuring a matte black grate on top of black porcelain-coated steel.

Open cooktops, sometimes called standard gas cooktops, though less common, are still manufactured by Kenmore, Frigidaire, and Whirlpool. Some open cooktops include double gas bays, a spill-ready cooktop and feature a large downdraft fan. This cooking solution offers hood-free cooling by pulling steam and hot air toward an outside vent. The customizable bays may be left open, leaving it up to the customer if they want to double their burners or install a built-in grilling surface. For chefs who want the ultimate control, try a dual-fuel range, which gives you the versatility of cooking over gas or electric.

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