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      Dishwashers put a shine on dishes, cookware and cutlery the easy way

      A new dishwasher helps you avoid clutter in the kitchen by letting you clean as you go. Dishwasher-safe dishes and pans can go straight from countertop to washer rack as soon as you're done using them, keeping clutter to a minimum as you prepare your meal. With pot-scrubbing features, the days of soaking greasy cookware is a thing of the past. It's important to sterilize items to prevent contamination from food sources or ill family members. A great way to do this is by cleaning as you go with our huge selection of dishwasher detergents.

      Sears has a huge selection of models, which is perfect if you're pondering whether to buy built-in versus portable dishwashers. While built-in appliances offer convenience in an integrated package, portable models are available when a permanently-installed option isn't possible. Regardless of your choice, cleaning dishwasher-safe kitchen knives, flatware and plates is simple with our huge dishwasher selection.

      You'll also be faced with the choice of which features to include in your new dishwasher. Today's models come with options like multidirectional jets, quick-dry cycles and adjustable dish racks to make kitchen cleanup easier. If you're putting together a list of desired dishwasher features don't forge to consider the benefits of a stainless steel dishwasher interior. Compared to the standard plastic liners, stainless steel is easier to clean, doesn't hold soap and water stains and radiates heat more efficiently for quicker drying.

      Kenmore makes a wide variety of dependable kitchen appliances including dishwashers. The Kenmore built-in dishwashers vary from a slim, 18-inch model to the standard 24-inch appliances. With exteriors that vary from clean whites to sleek blacks, any design scheme can be accommodated. If your tastes lean towards the modern, stainless steel dishwashers are also available.

      Some tenants in apartments or rental homes don't have the advantage of a built-in dishwasher, and it wouldn't be smart to attempt to add one to these kitchens. Instead, portable dishwashers provide cleaning capabilities without any installation. These dishwashers use a standard kitchen sink as both a water-source and a drain. When not in use, these appliances disconnect quickly and can be moved to any unused space.

      To keep your new dishwasher looking and working like new for as long as possible, stock up on a wide range of parts and accessories. From hoses and filters to prong covers and installation kits, everything needed for an efficiently-operating dishwasher is readily available.



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