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      Save time and energy with built-in dishwashers from Sears

      If there's one kitchen appliance that really makes life easier, it's a dishwasher. Save yourself the tedium of hand washing plates, and enjoy cooking without worrying about pots and pans taking over your sink. Built-in dishwashers at Sears have plenty of great features to tackle tough food stains and save you time.

      Built-in dishwashers come in styles to fit any kitchen. Compact kitchens and apartments can enjoy the convenience of a dishwasher with an 18-inch model. These fit in smaller spaces and include all the same wash features of the standard 24-inch model. Match the look of your other kitchen appliances with models in black, white or stainless steel. You can even match the look of a built-in dishwasher to your cabinets with a panel-ready model that can be fitted with the same wood paneling as the rest of your kitchen.

      A new built-in dishwasher has plenty of features that makes it a smart addition to your home. Today's washers run very quietly, so you can get things clean anytime. Run the washer when dinner is done without disturbing family members relaxing nearby, or take care of dishes overnight without worrying about waking the baby. Our dishwashers include a variety of features that completely remove stuck-on foods, sanitize plates and rinse everything to spotless perfection. At the end of the cycle, a model with a stainless steel tub naturally retains heat best, resulting in a shorter drying time. You can easily maintain your dishwasher with parts and accessories that keep everything running smoothly.

      Along with saving you the time it takes to hand wash dishes, built-in dishwashers can also save you money in water and energy costs. Hand washing generally uses more water and energy than a dishwasher, since you need to keep running hot water to wash and rinse all of your tableware and silverware individually. In addition, many built-in dishwashers at Sears have extra green features like Energy Star? compliance and high-efficiency eco-cycle options that automatically adjust so that the right amount of water and energy are used per load. These features reduce waste of water and energy and help out your home budget just as much as they help the environment.

      Eliminate a time-consuming chore from your routine with a built-in dishwasher. Your kitchenware will come out of the wash sparkling clean and save time for everything else in your busy life.


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