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      A drawer dishwasher differs from the traditional dishwasher with its addition of a sliding drawer instead of a downward facing door. This dishwasher's drawer pulls out just like a cabinet drawer, allowing for quick and easy loading and unloading of dishes. A double-drawer dishwasher such as Jenn-Air's, available through Sears, offers two drawers, space for fourteen place settings and several specialty wash settings for cleaning china and glassware. Drawer dishwasher models can be purchased in a variety of outer finishes to compliment or blend in with your kitchen's decor.

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      Drawer Dishwashers Offer Flexibility

      Stainless steel and white are popular for drawer dishwashers these days, and there are many options in these finishes. Another desirable aspect is the ability to do all of the dishes at once. To obtain both of these features in one unit, a KitchenAid double drawer dishwasher is a great choice. These dishwashers take up no more space than a standard model, but allow you to run two different cycles at the same time one for each drawer. With this wonderful feature, dishes of varying materials or levels of soiling no longer have to be run as separate loads. If you're not sure which cycles are right for your dishes, just let Maytag's Auto Clean Cycle take care of everything. This nice innovation allows the machine to detect the proper amount of water, time and heat needed to get your dishes perfectly clean.

      If a single-drawer model will suit you fine, check out a Fisher & Paykel single drawer dishwasher. These high-fashion machines have two independent internal wash drawers behind their single outer door. This allows them to have the space-saving good looks of a single machine and the functionality of a double. Their sleek looks complement any modern decor.

      When steel or white just won't do for your kitchen, consider a different look. A custom double drawer dishwasher with a woodgrain exterior fits in perfectly with kitchens that feature a natural look. They also go well with other double-drawered appliances like refrigerators. If you'd like the same style in a different finish, take a look at the other colors that are available. Some of these custom finishes and styles are exclusive to Sears. Call for pricing and availability since stock is constantly updated to keep up with current design preferences.

      Keep in mind that Sears has a wide variety of dishwasher parts to improve or maintain the condition of your dishwasher.

      These are just a few of the dishwashers available. Take a look at several and you'll surely find the one that's perfect for you.


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