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      Make food cleanup simple with garbage disposals

      Garbage disposals grind up kitchen waste and reduce the amount of garbage that you need to throw out. Even if you are using a compost bin for vegetable and fruit waste, a disposal can handle other items that are not suitable for composting. Sears carries a wide selection of garbage disposers that can fit in all types of kitchen sinks, so you can clean up quickly and efficiently after making a mess in your kitchen.

      Shop for disposers that have powerful motors that allow them to handle common kitchen waste at a high volume. The more horsepower your device offers, the more powerful and efficiently it can grind. Additionally, you'll find garbage disposer parts for when your appliance needs maintenance.

      You can find disposers for every size of household. Discover a full range of disposer accessories, including bags, deodorizers and power cords. Deodorizers are an important accessory for clearing up any unwanted smells that may emanate from your sink. To clear up jams, look for a model with a self-service option that allows you to open the garbage disposer easily. Find quality garbage disposals from top brands at Sears.


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