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      Keep your kitchen tidy with garbage disposers and trash compactors

      Cooking homemade meals is a great way to relax and enjoy spending time with your family. However, preparing big meals can produce a lot of food waste that can create unpleasant odors in the kitchen if not managed correctly. Garbage disposals and trash compactors are essentials that help you get kitchen trash under control so your home always has a tidy, fresh atmosphere.

      Install a garbage disposer in your sink to have the upper hand on managing food waste. Run the disposer after food prep or rinsing plates clean to take care of any leftover pieces of food that might run down the drain. The disposal will grind up food waste like discarded rinds from fruit tossed in the blender or leftover food from plates into small pieces that can easily wash completely down the drain. This prevents sink clogs or unpleasant odors from large pieces of food debris left stuck in your sink drain.

      If you'd like to reduce your trips to take the kitchen trash out to the garbage can, a trash compactor is an ideal solution. These appliances compress garbage placed in the bin so that a single bag can hold the equivalent of four to six bags of trash from a typical garbage can. You can easily reduce the number of times you need to take out the trash to once a week. You can worry a less about the amount of trash larger cooking projects generate since you won't have to anticipate a trip out to the trash on a cold night or a hot afternoon when you're done.

      Trash compactors also help give your kitchen a neat appearance. You can get trash cans out of the main footpaths of your kitchen with a compactor that fits neatly under the counter. Trash will be sealed away below the countertop along with any food odors. Some models offer a deodorizing feature to maintain extra freshness in between changing trash bags. Pick up some necessary compactor accessories to regularly maintain your supply of the deodorizing liquid, along with sturdy bags to fit any model of compactor.

      Pick up a compactor or disposer and make kitchen trash one less worry. Find the trash compactor or garbage disposer that fits your home at Sears.