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In store offer may vary. Savings range from 5% to 40% on regular items, savings of 40% or greater applied to items labeled as super buys. Applies to items sold by Sears. These discounts are calculated on purchase price of items less discounts and coupons, not including tax, installation or delivery. On all appliances : Colors, connectors, ice maker hook-up and installation extra.

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Free standard local delivery on appliance orders $399+. Applies to items sold by Sears. In store offer may vary. Discount shown at checkout. Standard delivery includes delivery within the local delivery area and delivery not requiring additional services or time. Retail value of standard local delivery is $69.99. Customer pays a charge for non-standard delivery. Local areas and non-standard delivery charges vary. Excludes accessories, built-in refrigeration, compact refrigerators, water heaters, water softeners, water filtration, floor care, sewing machines, heaters, humidifiers, fans and air cleaners. Offer not valid on orders placed from Sears Hometown, Outlet, Hardware or Appliance Showroom store kiosks.

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Find the right clothes dryer to meet your needs

Having a family means having a mountain of laundry to tackle on a regular basis. Without the right washer and dryer, laundry can become much more tedious than it has to be. To avoid the hassle of running load after load just to keep on top of your family's dirty clothes, take the time to shop for a washer and dryer that meets all of your needs. You'll find a big selection of all your favorite brands right at Sears.

The most convenient way to outfit your laundry room is to shop for washer and dryer bundles. Getting a pair of appliances ensures that you have all the room you need in both washer and dryer. You can look at sets that include top load washers with deep interiors for your largest laundry jobs or front loaders to make getting laundry in and out of the machines easier. Top loaders include agitators and rotating drums to spin laundry through each cycle while front loaders use a tumbling motion to get clothes clean and dry. Both types are available in Energy Star rated models, which help you save on your electric bill by using less electricity per load than older washers and dryers. Buying both washer and dryer together also gives you a matching set, creating a balanced look for your laundry room.

Top load washers come in various capacities to handle laundry loads of all sizes. With choices ranging from 3.4 cu. ft. to 5 cu. ft., it shouldn't be hard to find the right washer for your home. Many modern top loaders devote a minimal amount of space to the agitator, giving you even more space for your clothes and linens. These models are often spacious enough to handle a full set of bedding including a comforter or an entire load of towels all at once. Minimizing the number of loads of laundry you have to wash cuts down on water usage, especially if you choose a high-efficiency model.

You have several other options when shopping for washers. If space is limited in your home, try a laundry center. These handy appliances include both washer and dryer arranged one above the other in a slim design that saves room. All-in-one washer and dryer models handle both functions in one machine though the capacity tends to be smaller than in standalone units. Steam washers come in sizes similar to other washing machines, but clean clothes using the disinfecting power of steam. These types of washers are perfect for delicate items that you want to keep looking new for as long as possible. Some include a cold water wash cycle as well. Getting a washer that fits your needs is easy with this array of options.

No matter how much laundry your family generates, there's a washer and dryer that can help you keep it clean. Whether you're looking for washer-dryer combos for small spaces or a simple set that will fit your budget, Sears offers the right set for your home and family.