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      Get dry laundry hassle-free every time with the best electric dryers from GE, Maytag, Whirlpool and Kenmore

      With the flip of a switch on an electric dryer, you'll be enjoying the pleasures of a warm, dry towel, pillowcase, or comforter in no time. These convenient units plug right into a standard wall outlet so they're ready to dry as soon as you bring them home from, no fussing with gas lines needed. This makes it easy to plug and unplug your electric dryer when you need the outlet for other appliances. They're also safer than gas washers because there is no risk of gas leakage. Whether you choose an electric dryer from GE, LG, Kenmore, Whirlpool or other great brand, you'll get a great deal at Sears.

      If space is truly at a premium in your laundry room, consider investing in an all in one washer and dryer. The ultimate in space savings, these handy units are built to deliver the convenience of a washer and dryer bundle in a compact package, making them the perfect choice for dorm rooms, studio apartments, trailer homes and RVs. Because there is no need for external heat venting, theses unit can be installed almost anywhere in the house. The dual-use design is also very water-efficient so you'll save on your utilities bill month after month. For maximum convenience and minimum footprint, these all-in one washer and dryers are hard to beat.

      When the laundry's dry and it's time to put the clothes away, you'll need a way to prevent wrinkles and keeping your clothes looking like new. Shop our selection of quality steam irons to find the iron that's right for you. If you're a business traveler who finishes the day in a hotel room, then a traveler iron delivers the right combination of small size and light weight so you can keep your suits and sport coats looking sharp anywhere. On the other hand, a large family might prefer a full-sized iron from Kenmore, Black and Decker, Applica, Oliso or Hamilton Beach for speedy steaming. And for high-volume users like laundromat or dry cleaning business owners, it's tough to beat the even heat and large surface area of a steam press for smoothing large loads of laundry.

      Don't put up with soggy laundry and long drying times anymore. A new electric dryer delivers comforting, warm, and perfectly dry clothes with the twist of a dial, every time.


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