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      Gas dryers save you money

      Have you noticed that electricity is getting more expensive? If you still rely on electricity to power your clothes dryer, you are spending more money than is necessary. Gas dryers perform clothes drying tasks efficiently and quickly. They do so at a fraction of the cost you pay for operating the types of dryers that you have to plug into an outlet. Is it not time that you gave the electricity hog the heave-ho and chose a comparable gas dryer instead?

      Whether you choose a Kenmore, LG or GE appliance, you will find that these gas dryers are front-loading appliances with an attractive appearance. They come in white, black or attractive red tones. Stainless steel exteriors fit into home decor schemes that capitalize on the sleek appearance of this material. The interior of these machines can hold smaller loads in drums measuring six cubic feet. There is also the option of purchasing a larger model that accommodates eight cubic feet of drying laundry. The larger machines are excellent choices for families.

      If you own an apartment building, consider the purchase of coin-operated dryers for tenant use. These types of appliances are sensible choices when a common laundry room is one of the amenities you offer. Made by the manufacturer to be durable for multiple daily uses, you have the option of purchasing a gas or electric dryer. Kenmore is one manufacturer to consider when making this type of purchase.

      Pair gas dryers with front load washers. These appliances wash your clothes and complement the stylish setup of a laundry room or kitchen. Compact front-load washers may have a drum capacity of 1.9 cu. ft., which makes them good choices for small families. Their larger counterparts offer enough room to accommodate loads exceeding five cubic feet. Match your washer to the look of the gas dryer you have previously chosen for an aesthetically pleasing look in the home.

      Plenty of washers now also divert from front-loading technology. There are top-load washers, laundry centers that combine a washer and dryer into a connected unit and also washer and dryer bundles that cut down on the space the appliances require when you place them side by side. Portable washers frequently look to top-load technology to provide some splash-avoiding capabilities when on the road or in the dorm.

      Sears carries a wide variety of gas dryers and washers. Be sure to appraise your laundry room setup and know how much space you have to work with. Choose your gas dryer today to save you money as you do laundry. Pick a washer that complements the look, style and size you prefer.


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