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      Finding the perfect washer and dryer set is a key step in setting up your ideal laundry room. A gas dryer may cost more upfront than an electric dryer, but depending on your setup, usage and typical utility costs, it may be less expensive to run over its lifetime. Gas clothes dryers are typically more energy-efficient. The gas dryer creates heat to dry loads of laundry using a gas burner. In order to run a gas dryer, a laundry room must have access to a gas connection, proper ventilation and exhaust and an electrical hookup. Check out the selection at Sears for the perfect gas dryer and dryer accessories.

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      Equip your laundry room with an efficient gas dryer

      If you've noticed your electricity bills getting more expensive, the good news is that you may not need to rely on electricity to power your clothes dryer. Gas dryers may be able to dry your laundry more quickly and efficiently than electric models. Sears carries a wide variety of washers and gas clothes dryers.

      No matter which of our top brand appliances you choose, you'll find that Sears' gas dryers in front-loading styles with attractive finishes in a variety of colors.. Stainless steel exteriors fit into home decor schemes that draw on a sleek contemporary aesthetic. The interior of these machines are available in varying volumes, so you can find the right match for a small household or a larger family.

      Match your front load washer to the look of the gas dryer for an consistent look in your home's decor. You can find dryers that are suited to different sizes of laundry room, so you can find the perfect fit for your home. The gas dryers for sale at Sears can help save energy while making laundry time more efficient for the whole family.


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