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      Bathroom fans provide ventilation and remove humidity

      As part of the building code, your bathroom needs one or two bathroom fans to provide ventilation for the room. Sears offers a variety of name brand bathroom fans from Broan and Craftmade with and without lights. While a bathroom fan circulates the air and removes odors and humidity, it primarily ventilates both windowed and windowless bathrooms. Although most fans install in the ceiling, you can find some fan vents that mount in the wall.

      Floor fans provide even more ventilation throughout the house. Place a floor fan next to you in the bathroom to air dry your hair after a shower, or use it in conjunction with a window to circulate fresh air from the outdoors. Turn down your thermostat, and use multiple floor fans in the house to reduce your heating and air-conditioning bill. With high-velocity floor fans available, you provide enough air circulation to cool a large room. Dyson bladeless fans come in handy when you have curious children who like to stick their fingers in dangerous places.

      Table fans offer ventilation and cooler temperatures whether you work in a cramped office space or at your desk in your bedroom. Personal mini fans come in designer colors and add an aesthetic touch to your workspace. Invest in a traditional mesh fan, and attach an EasyComforts gel pack for instant cooling. Kaz TurboForce fans provide high-velocity airflow to cool you off in an instant, and Lasko oscillating table fans circulate the airflow around you. Most table fans offer variable speeds, so you always have the right amount of airflow depending on your space and the temperature.

      Window fans create the link when you have limited desk and floor space. Single and twin window fans feature powerful motors that pull in the fresh air from the outside. Patton Electric and Holmes offer single and twin fans with variable speed settings, and the Holmes model features the Accutemp Plus digital thermostat, which monitors and maintains the temperature. In combination with floor fans, using a window fan cuts your energy costs in half since it uses less electricity to operate. In addition to their energy efficiency and powerful airflow, most window fans come in white colors to match and blend in with the windows.

      Bathroom fans provide ventilation, and they remove the humidity from a hot shower or bath. Floor fans provide additional air circulation in your home, and table fans keep you cool as you work at your desk. Window fans feature variable speed settings and provide an efficient alternative to air-conditioning units. Shop Sears for the largest inventory of household appliances and heating and cooling accessories for your home.


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