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      Feel the gentle breeze a floor fan delivers

      Attractive and functional floor fans are available at Sears. You'll enjoy perusing fans that offer affordable air flow and those that bring a touch of style and class to any room. The high-tech, distinctive floor fans from Dyson move air with a jet motor and no blades. Dyson Air Multiplier fans are easy to clean, and they are perfectly safe for use around children and pets. Many of the floor fans we carry feature oscillating heads and multi-speed motors that allow you to customize the cooling you receive. Selecting one with a humidifier or ionizer can improve indoor air quality. If you need a commercial fan to dry floors or move large volumes of air for ventilation, youll find them right here at Sears.

      Stylish ceiling fans create a cooling breeze in summer and recirculate rising heat in winter. With the assistance of a ceiling fan, your HVAC system will work less, and your utility bills will be lower. Most ceiling fans have adjustable fan motors to deliver the right amount of air on every occasion. If you want your ceiling fan to do double duty, select one with an included light kit. For rooms with a raised ceiling, consider models that are mounted on a rod secured at the ceiling. The mounting rod adds visual interest and brings the fan closer to where its breeze and light are needed. Additional options include metal finish, blade color and number of blades. We even have novelty fans with team colors, logos and other themes. In our huge collection, you will discover ceiling fans that are traditional, contemporary and fun!

      From compact personal models to those that keep air flowing throughout a large room, table fans are an affordable alternative to an air conditioner. Sears has fixed, tilting and oscillating table fans in great styles from retro to contemporary. Choose a fan in basic black or white, or add a splash of color to the mix. For an upscale look, consider a table fan with a base formed of glass mosaic, carved wood or other elegant touch.

      In todays weather-tight homes, indoor air can become polluted. Window fans help you exchange fresh outdoor air for stale indoor air. Affordable box fans and handsome twin-fan models give you options for keeping the air you breathe fresh and wholesome. Create a healthier home with window fans from Lasko, Air King or Holmes.

      Sears can help you keep the air moving in your home or office. You'll be more comfortable, and the air you breather will be healthier. Shop Sears today for fans that create a comfortable, energy efficient and healthy environment.


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