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      Cool down your space with a refreshing tower fan

      Keep your home or apartment comfortable during the warmer months with a tower fan. These enclosed oscillating fans effectively circulate air and cool down your space without taking up too much room. Many tower fans are also extremely quiet and have extra features like timers and programmable airflow patterns. Their enclosed designs make them safe for busy family homes, and their sleek design blends into any style of home decor.

      If you want to keep the temperature down in a room but don't want to use a loud pedestal fan, a tower fan might be the ideal fit for your space. Tower fans use a unique design where internal blades move from the top to bottom of the fan's body, circulating and cooling air that passes through it. This design also makes tower fans much safer than the wide rotating blades of a circular fan. The spaces between the vents are typically too small for small children or pets to get fingers or paws stuck in, and stray toys and other objects also won't easily be able to be wedged in where they could damage the fan.

      You won't need to rearrange your furniture to add a tower fan to your space. Their tall, sleek shape fits easily even in a room with a large TV and entertainment center. Be sure to pick a spot with some extra open space surrounding the fan. Blocking part of the fan's air intake system or putting it in a spot that attracts a lot of dust will make cleaning more frequent or even reduce the life of your appliance. Eventually any oscillating fan will need at least a light dusting, and you can easily clean these kinds of fans out with a few blasts of compressed air.

      Tower fans are an efficient way to get refreshing airflow throughout a room. In spring or fall, this might be all you need to stave off a few extra degrees of heat and relax in a perfectly comfortable environment in your home. This is an energy-saving way to cool your space without turning on the central air. However, when temperatures climb in the summer, you might want to supplement your fan with an air conditioning unit. If you're in an apartment without central air, a tower fan can help move cooled air from a single air conditioner so that it covers a larger area of your apartment.

      A tower fan can be an efficient and quiet way to cool off your space. Browse the options at Sears to find an oscillating fan that fits your home's style and enhance your comfort.


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