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      Cool down your space with a refreshing tower fan

      Keep your home cool when the heat starts to rise with a tower fan. These enclosed oscillating fans circulate air and cool down any area with ease. You don't need to use a large pedestal fan to cool down your room when a tower fan can offer the same benefits in a smaller space. The tall, sleek shape of these upright fans is designed to fit easily in any room.

      Tower fans are ideal for all seasons. In the spring or fall, a fan may be all you need to beat the heat and in your home. In the summer, when the air conditioner is running, you may need an extra boost of cool air or a way to circulate it throughout your house. If you live in a space without central air conditioning, a tower fan can help air from a single air conditioner cover a larger area of your home. In the winter, when the heat is running, you may benefit from a refreshing burst of air from the fan when you're heading to sleep.

      A tower fan with a convenient remote can be an efficient and quiet way to cool off any room in your home. Sears has the tower fans that you need to add cool comfort to your living space.


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