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      Chill out in any room with a comfortable breeze from a wall fan

      Fans are a great way to cool down a room with fresh and flowing air. In moderate climates or mild seasons, an oscillating wall fan may be all you need to keep your space comfortable. These fans from Sears mount on the wall and most models can be set to either a single direction or to an oscillating cycle. This way, air can either reach where it's most needed, or it can be distributed throughout the room evenly.

      Save space in your home with a wall fan. If you want to add a little breeze to a partially enclosed patio or porch, you won't want to deal with a standing fan or box fan that can be knocked over by wind or damaged by severe weather. Set up the mount underneath a roof or overhang and your wall fan will be protected while keeping the area ventilated. When the weather gets hot and humid, a burst of fresh air from a fan will feel dry and refreshing, helping you enjoy your outdoor dining area throughout the season.

      Some climates need extra ventilation throughout the year. If you live in a persistently humid climate, fans make a great accompaniment to dehumidifiers to keep your home looking and feeling fresh. A wall fan makes a great addition to a bathroom that needs additional air flow to keep moisture from accumulating after the shower or bath. Try adding one to your home workshop to keep the air from getting too dusty as you work on various projects. Many models are available with remote control operation so you won't have to reach or strain to adjust the fan when you want to turn it on or off or adjust settings.

      Setting up the right space for your business is about more than getting just the right commercial grade appliances. If you run a restaurant or cafe with patio seating, a simple wall-mounted fan is an energy-efficient way to make an outdoor area comfortable for more months out of the year. Your business will benefit from having a space that is attractive to customers from the warm days of spring on through to early fall. Wall fans are also a simple way to add a breeze to any area ranging from a garage to a classroom during the peak of summer.

      Wall mounted fans help keep any room at the ideal temperature without taking up too much floor space. Find the perfect fit at Sears for your needs.


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