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      Choose window fans when fresh air is important

      A lack of fresh air in homes can cause uncomfortable stuffiness. Dependable window fans can help you vent away stale indoor air and replace it with fresh outside air. At Sears, you'll find single and twin window exhaust fans from all the leading brands. Pull in air when you want a distinct breeze, or for excellent ventilation, turn the fan around to push air out. For additional cooling, check out the wide range of floor fans, which can be placed in front of a screen door to pull in fresh air.

      Single or dual window fans from Sears will keep the air in your home healthy and comfortable. Some window fans have reversible motors to make changing from cooling to ventilation a snap. If you don't want to use electricity or are going on an overnight camping trip, choose a battery-operated window fan to keep things cool without an outlet. Table fans are a great addition to small rooms and can be placed on a coffee table or desk for personal ventilation.

      When stale, stuffy, hot or humid air is a problem, window fans provide an easy solution. Shop Sears for outstanding selection on all types of fans and cooling solutions.


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