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A window fan is the perfect way to cool a smaller room without taking up limited floor space. Fitting securely in most standard-sized windows, these fans are easy to install and simple to operate. Some window fans have features similar to window air conditioning units and are an energy-efficient alternative to running an electric unit all day long. The window fan blade is often more powerful than other styles of fans, rotating at a higher speed and generating a better airflow, which provides sufficient cooling at a lower cost. Our selection of window fans includes both single and double fan units.

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Choose window fans when fresh air is important

Indoor air pollution has become a major concern. A lack of fresh air in homes is a major cause of the problem. Window fans are an important part of the solution. They can help you exhaust stale indoor air and replace it with fresh outside air. Single-fan and twin-fan models are available from all the leading brands. Pull in air when you want a distinct breeze. For excellent ventilation, turn the fan around to push air out. Open other windows that will allow fresh air in to take the place of the stale air being exhausted. A few window fans have reversible motors to assist with ventilation. Window fans from Sears will keep the air in your home fresh, healthy and comfortable.

We carry a wide range of floor fans. Place one in front of a screened door to exhaust stale air or bring in fresh air. This type is useful for drying wet floors. Commercial floor fans are a favorite with contractors who work on floors and drywall. Pedestal floor fans are a great choice for air circulation. Most have oscillating heads and three-speed motors that allow you precise control over air flow. For a more stylish appearance, consider a tower fan. They feature streamlined upright design. Many are oscillating, and some have added benefits such as ionic air cleaning and a heating element.

Table fans are very diverse in their sizes and styles. Personal table fans are great for use on a desk, on a table next to an armchair or on a nightstand. Some are battery-powered to make them very portable. Dyson Air Multiplier fans employ an annular jet engine to produce powerful air flow. These amazing table fans don't use blades, so they're ideal for use around kids and pets. You'll find table fans to match your style. Fans with painted metal frames come in a variety of pleasing colors. Some have a retro style while others are decidedly contemporary in design. If you're looking for a quality table fan with upscale appearance, browse table fans by CC Home Furnishings or Deco Breeze. Many have bases made from wood, glass or quality metals in an array of finishes.

If moving the air isn't enough, window air conditioners will cool it and remove humidity too. We offer an excellent selection from top brands like Kenmore, Frigidaire and LG. You can search by cooling BTUs, Energy Star compliance or price. You might also want to browse our huge selection for your favorite features including heating capability, remote control operation or a 24-hour timer.

When stale, stuffy, hot or humid air is a problem, we have the solution. Shop Sears today for outstanding selection and competitive prices on fans and air conditioners.


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