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      Chill Out with Freezer and Ice Maker Parts and Accessories

      Freezers and ice makers are essentials for keeping your food fresh and healthy. It's important to be sure your freezer is always running properly so that you know your food is stored safely. An ice maker lets you have ice around any time you want it, and following regular maintenance procedures will ensure you always have healthy, clean ice. Find all the freezer and ice maker parts and accessories you need to care for your appliances at Sears.

      It's important to periodically clean and check your freezer to maintain it. Regularly clean the exterior and interior to keep the freezer free from food debris and dirt. You might want to check if the door is sealing tightly when you do this. If it's not, you could be wasting energy as the freezer works harder to cool things, or you could even risk stored items melting or defrosting. We have all the replacement parts you need to fix the seal or door hinges, or address any other issues that may arise with your freezer.

      Whether in a refrigerator or freestanding, an ice maker cuts out the extra time it takes to freeze ice cubes in trays. However, it's also easy to forget to check in on your ice maker to periodically clean it. This is important because mineral deposits from water exposure commonly form inside the ice maker. In some cases bacteria or mold can even grow where water is constantly in contact with the interior surfaces. We have cleaners for ice makers that sanitize surfaces and eliminate scaling. Whether you're adding ice to a drink or filling up a cooler, you don't want germs and contaminants getting into your family's ice.

      In addition to all the accessories you need for maintenance, Sears also has replacement parts that will solve any issue with your freezer or ice maker. You can find parts for separate freezer units or for freezers combined with a refrigerator. Broken defrost timers or thermostats could be among the reasons your freezer stops cooling things properly. Important ice maker parts include water filters or lines. We have all the parts you need that will fit a number of brands and get your machine running again.

      Broken freezers and ice makers can affect your food safety and health. Pick up important ice maker and freezer accessories to keep your appliances well-maintained and sanitary, and get the parts you need to fix major issues before they become a problem.


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