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Use upright freezers for extra kitchen storage

Upright freezers are a simple, stylish solution when you need more cold storage in the kitchen. The slim style fits right in with your other appliances, allowing you to stock up on more of your favorite foods. Having extra freezer space makes storing homegrown produce a breeze. Sears stocks a variety of stand-up freezers along with other useful appliances and accessories for your kitchen.

The simple act of making ice can take up a lot of room in your freezer, especially if you entertain frequently. Freezer ice makers solve this problem by providing a dedicated space just for making ice. Both freezers and ice makers need regular maintenance to continue operating smoothly. Ice maker cleaner, filters and freezer parts help you keep your appliances in tip-top shape over time.

Outfitting your kitchen with enough freezer space ensures that you'll always have storage space for your favorite frozen foods. At Sears, you'll find both large and small upright freezers, so you can stock up at the store or freeze your own fresh recipes to enjoy any time. Check out this selection to find the right stand-up deep freezer for your kitchen along with the parts to maintain it for years to come.

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