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      Try Upright Freezers for Extra Kitchen Storage

      Upright freezers are a simple, stylish solution when you need more cold storage in the kitchen. The slim style fits right in with your other appliances, allowing you to stock up on more of your favorite foods. Having extra freezer space makes storing home grown produce a breeze. Sears stocks a variety of upright freezers along with other useful appliances and accessories for your kitchen.

      The simple act of making ice can take up a lot of room in your freezer, especially if you entertain frequently. Freezer ice makers solve this problem by providing a dedicated space just for making ice. Upright models look like small refrigerators and can hold many pounds of ice at once. To save space, you can get an ice maker that installs under the counter, an option that works well in home bars. Portable ice makers produce enough ice to cool everyone's beverages at barbecues and picnics. During cooler months, these compact models can be brought indoors and placed on your kitchen counter for quick access to ice any time. Ice makers are practical solutions for businesses as well. Available in upright and bin models, commercial grade appliances make ice in cycles, so there's always a fresh batch for chilling soda or making smoothies.

      Single door bottom freezer refrigerators offer another option for cold food storage. Traditional top freezer models keep frozen food at eye level, but you always run the risk of things getting shoved to the back or sliding out onto the floor. Bottom freezers feature deep bins and shelves that glide out on rollers, giving you many different places to store frozen items of all sizes. Having your freezer on the bottom elevates refrigerator space as well, making it more convenient to access lower storage drawers and allowing you to put healthy items in easy-to-reach places. With capacities ranging from 10 cu. ft. to 23.9 cu. ft., you can find a refrigerator that fits your kitchen perfectly.

      Both freezers and ice makers need regular maintenance to continue operating smoothly. Ice maker cleaner, filters and freezer parts help you keep your appliances in top shape over time. If the ice maker in your refrigerator goes on the fritz, you can replace it with a new assembly so you're never without fresh ice. Hoses, connectors and valves all see a lot of wear and will also need replacement eventually. Check your user's manual or the manufacturer's website when you need freezer parts so that you can be sure to purchase the correct ones for the model you have.

      Outfitting your kitchen with enough freezer space ensures that you'll always have enough storage for your favorite frozen foods. Stock up at the store or freeze your own fresh food to enjoy any time. Check out the selection at Sears to find the right freezer for your kitchen along with the parts to maintain it for years to come.


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