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      Personalize your cool with table fans

      Table fans from Sears come in hundreds of styles and a wide price range. Choosing the fans to match your air flow needs, style and budget is easy. If you're looking for a personal fan for a desk or night stand, something in the 6-8 in. range is ideal. Some are battery-operated to make them very portable for use on the deck or at the kids' soccer game. For a bedroom or office, a 10-12 in. fan will move enough air without being too windy or loud. For large rooms, table fans with oscillating heads over 12 in. do the best job. In terms of style, Sears has table fans ranging from simple to elegant. The least expensive have basic metal or plastic frames in white or black. Upgraded metal fans come in a variety of fun colors that are great for children's bedrooms or dorms. If you're looking for furniture-quality table fans, browse those with bases made from upscale metals, glass or wood. Deco Breeze, Hunter and CC Furnishings are brands with very attractive, high-performance table fans.

      When you want the air to be cooled and dehumidified for added comfort, shop Sears for air conditioners. Window air conditioners are produced in many sizes and are affordable. Wall air conditioners don?t require sacrificing window space. Portable air conditioners are easily moved from one location to another. Get started with our Air Conditioner Advisor if you're not sure which style or size is right for you. Sears also sells, installs and services central air conditioning units and entire HVAC systems. If you need a new condensing unit or an entire heating and cooling system, choose Sears for quality, dependability and outstanding energy efficiency.

      If you'd like to reduce energy use, consider ceiling fans from Sears. They create a cooling breeze in warm weather. In cool weather, they assist the heating system by circulating rising heat down to where it is useful. Take a few minutes to peruse the thousands of ceiling fans on our pages. We carry the top brands in the business including Hunter, Emerson and Craftmade. Styles include traditional, country, contemporary and those designed for kids and sports fans. Ceiling fans are searchable by light kit, price and other features to help you narrow your choices.

      Floor fans are another great option. They come in two styles. Those with pedestals raise the fan head so that people sitting down or standing feel the air movement. Most have oscillating heads of 10 in. or larger to create air flow in large rooms. Those without pedestals are often 20 in. or more. They offer large-volume air movement. Place one in front of a screened door to bring in fresh air. They are also ideal for drying wet floors.

      If you're in search of the perfect fan or air conditioner, you've come to the right place. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage, get comfortable, and shop Sears for your next fan or A/C. It's right here!


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