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Fireplaces keep your home warm and toasty

Whether you prefer built-in, freestanding or portable models, fireplaces provide warmth when and where you need it. Sears carries an inventory of name-brand electric fireplaces that you can move from room to room or mount on the wall. For a modern aesthetic, mount a 35-inch Comfort Earth electric fireplace on the wall, and use the included remote control to operate it from a distance. You also have traditional freestanding electric fireplaces available, such as the Essential Home entertainment fireplace that features mahogany wood.

Unlike wood-burning fireplaces, electric indoor heaters do not produce smoke or airborne irritants. You have access to floor units and wall-mount heaters that feature LED displays that mimic the look of realistic fire. Indoor heaters use fans to circulate the heat throughout the room, and you can control the units with remote controls or the variable settings on the devices. Some Kenmore infrared room heaters feature humidifiers and air purifiers to remove dust and other particles from the room. With a portable electric indoor heater, you can carry your heat source with you and control the temperature at the press of a button.

Keep your outdoor fire pit dry and protected from the elements with fire pit covers from AZ Patio and Fire Sense. Whether you have an indoor fireplace or an outdoor fire pit, you need dry wood in order to start a successful fire. A fire pit cover features protective waterproof vinyl that keeps moisture from damaging your logs. In addition to fire pit covers, invest in firewood racks that elevate your logs off the ground. If you have a log rack, then the Landmann heavy-duty log rack cover provides easy access to your wood, and it keeps the logs dry and protected from the rain and snow.

Indoor fireplaces and heaters do not work as effectively as an outdoor fire pit, and they can overheat and break down from overuse. When you gather outside with friends and family, you need outdoor fireplaces to keep the area warm and dry. An outdoor fireplace provides an aesthetic focal point in the backyard or on a patio, and you can choose between wood-burning fireplaces and fire pits depending on your space. The Garden Oasis fireplace brings the look of an interior fireplace to the outdoors, and the Landmann Georgia clay fire pit provides a convenient 360-degree view of the fire.

Indoor and outdoor fireplaces come in many traditional and modern styles depending on your preference. Indoor heaters don't produce smoke and harmful airborne particles that cause respiratory problems, and outdoor fireplaces provide abundant heat for larger patio and backyard spaces. Shop online at Sears for the best selection of name-brand indoor and outdoor heating supplies and accessories for your home.

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