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      Outdoor heaters for parties on cool evenings

      If your house is too small to host the next family party, do not let a cool evening put a damper on the festivities or the size of the guest list. Putting up one or more outdoor heaters makes it possible to utilize your available garden and patio space as an extension of your home. Suddenly, you open up an entire new section of party space. Cool evening temperatures are no longer a reason to move a party indoors or scrap your party plans altogether.

      Not all outdoor heaters operate in the same way. Umbrella electric patio heaters use infrared heat lamps. You can easily attach them to your deck's roofing, lattices or a pergola. Place a stand-alone patio heater anywhere there is no plug. This type of heater operates on eco-friendly propane and has the power to heat a 20-square-foot area. For a sit-down affair, place small tabletop heaters on your patio tables. They use propane or butane, and in spite of their diminutive sizes, they still have the power to heat a 50-foot area.

      Heater accessories ensure that your outdoor heaters stay in their best working condition. For example, opt for a 5-foot propane extension hose when operating heaters with a secondary fuel source on standby. There is no need to swap out tanks in the middle of a party. A simple hose attachment makes it possible to discreetly switch to a different propane tank as needed without any interruption of the welcomed warmth that outdoor heaters provide.

      Do not forget to also add a modern fireplace to your home's interior. Do not worry if you live in an apartment or condominium that the builders never fitted for this type of heat source. Electric fireplaces that turn your chilly room into a warm space can be as small as 20 inches in width. Realistically flickering flames add elegance to any interior decor. This type of heating equipment has the power to heat a 400-square-foot indoor space. Since these appliances are mobile, you can also use them on your patio.

      If you prefer to heat your outdoor space with a portable fire pit, do not forget to protect it when not in use. Fire pit covers, fire bead gems and fitted table tops are just some of the accessories that keep your fire pit looking great and operating to manufacturer specifications for years after the initial purchase. Take good care of these convenient heating appliances so that they will last for many years to come.

      Sears carries a wide variety of outdoor heaters and the accessories that keep them looking and working great. Make your outdoor space usable during the cool of the night with the inexpensive appliances that add so much comfort to a portion of your property that you may have been unable to use. Buy outdoor heaters for parties, fire pits for family dinners and applicable accessories for continued comfort.


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